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Top Writer in Poetry. I’m a Finance Manager with a love of both numbers and words. I’ve written poetry for most of my life and I’m strictly self taught.

Our memories are still alive and well

I Remember You. Our memories are still alive and well. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

Loss and grief are extremely tough times and you feel like you are emotionally all over the shop. At first it is all encompassing, then slowly you begin to heal and life will have moments of normality.

The periods of normality begin increasing but you will be continually shocked back into your pain. When you do start smiling again or start to look forward to tomorrow, guilt will raise its head. You will feel that it is not okay to be happy.

I would like to tell you that it is perfectly okay to be happy.

I wake in the…

Poetry prompt day 28

Memories Done And Dusted. Poetry prompt day 28. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

This poem has been written as part of Sahil Patel’s poetry challenge. Thank you, Sahil for the invite.

Today’s prompt is: Write a poem about a memory that you want to erase from your life.

Certain memories haunt me
Causing me to re-live the pain,
Heartbreak, sorrow and anger
But there’s nothing left to gain.

The past is just that, the past
It cannot be caged and chained,
No matter how you torture yourself
There’s nothing to be changed.

It is a story, now set in stone
Living and playing in your head,
Around and around, never stops
Haunting my heart now instead…

An endeavour to move on

Doing Everything I’ve Always Wanted To Do. An endeavour to move on. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Naira Babayan on Unsplash

It can be the greatest feeling in the world to begin to move on from heartache and pain. To bring back a zest for living and try things you’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve started re-living
Meeting new friends,
Walking through nature
So my heartache ends.

Meeting old boyfriends
And staying out late,
Going to parties
And on the odd date.

Rekindling old friendships
That got lost in time,
Wrapped in their support
My partners in crime.

Trying new interests
Suggested by friends,
I’m much more carefree
My hearts on the mend.

Bought a new car
Then quit my career,
Work for…

A collection of short Poems

Poetry Collection — Part One. A collection of short Poems. Poems written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Trust “Tru” Katsande on Unsplash

A small collection of short poems written at different times of my life.

The ugly after effects of rape on a young girl

Her Innocence Runs Out. The ugly after effects of rape on a young girl. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Max Ilienerwise on Unsplash

Rape is such a tragedy at the best of times, but when it happens to a young teenage girl or a child, how are they to deal with such cruelty?

She woke in the morning an innocent
Happy in her world as a participant,
Too young to experience agonizing pain
By a man totally evil and insane.

She was left battered and bruised
Her feelings absolutely confused,
The word has since spread about
She’s left to deal with the fallout.

Her friends are now all estranged
Though they say nothing’s changed,
But it’s hard to ignore the fact
That all this has had…

There was no turning back

Thirteen. There was no turning back. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash

Does everyone remember that ever fateful day when they lost their virginity? It could only happen once and hopefully it was with the one person who meant the world to you.

My special night was with my soul mate, whereby it was also his special night. I only wish that we were not so young, but then with life being so short, I have no regrets of when it happened or with who.


You work up to it slowly
And suddenly, it’s done,
We give away our innocence
And come away with none.

Maybe when we’re older
We’ll think that we…

Nothing more than sweet little lies

Fleetwood Mac — Little Lies

The heart can be easily broken
Wishes and dreams can lie so much,
Feelings can be misconstrued
From that one innocent touch.

This is why I fell in love with you
Why I also believed that you cared,
But sweet little lies, our memories
Of what I thought we both shared.

When I felt my heart overflowing
And thought our love so strong,
I cannot explain the pain I felt
In my heart to find I was wrong.

Of course, I was once more a fool
But who now should wear the blame,
I really thought I…

Look After Number One

Number One. Look After Number One. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
By Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

All my life people have told me
You’ve got to look after Number One,
You’ve got to come first in everything
And you do what has to be done.

But never in my life have I done this
Because that is not who I am,
I spend all my time trying
Not to hurt anyone if I can.

I know, you don’t have to tell me
That I’ll always end off worse,
Because I put everyone else before me
I’ve had a lot of broken hearts to nurse.

My life will always be a long way from happy
But I don’t…

Friends, Family and Love

What is Life? Friends, Family and Love. A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

What is life?
But to live each day as it comes,
It takes family, friends and love
To make life any sort of fun.

What is family?
But people who care,
For a group of people to love you
And to always be there.

What are friends?
But a piece of the world that’s your own,
You all hang around together having fun
And when there is trouble you know they’ll come.

What is love?
But two people with a special bond,
Who help each other through
When everything seems wrong.

But if you don’t have family
And you don’t have…

What is your story?

Life to You Is Easy. What is your story? A Poem written by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Life to you is easy
Life to you is fair,
Never an unhappy moment
You find you need to share.

Have you never found it hard
Are you always have fun,
Are there ever any hard times
Tell me please, there must be one?

Is there no one that you love
Is there no one that you hate,
Do you ever give to anyone
Do you ever let them take?

Are there never any ups
Are there never any downs,
Is it really as easy
As you make it sound?

Well babe I think you’ll find
That it’s not as easy…

Colleen Millsteed

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