Remember Now

That he has chosen her

Colleen Millsteed
1 min readJul 7, 2021


Remember Now. That he has chosen her. A poem by Colleen Millsteed.
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Dismiss the love that you once shared
Dismiss the fact that he once cared,
Dismiss that you still know his name
Remember now it’s not the same.

Dismiss the memory of his face
Dismiss the feel of his embrace,
Dismiss the taste of his last kiss
Remember now you were dismissed.

Dismiss the love that once was real
Dismiss how it was that he made you feel,
Dismiss the life that you once shared
Remember now he no longer cares.

Dismiss the memories when you hear your song
Dismiss the feelings you once belonged,
Dismiss the fact you cried for months on end
Remember now your hearts on the mend.

Dismiss the good times you have had
Dismiss his comfort when you’re sad,
Dismiss the memories of you together
Remember now he’s gone forever.

Dismiss the nights in front of your TV
Dismiss his name flashing on caller ID,
Dismiss how in love you two were
Remember now he has chosen her.

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