Highlights Of My Reading — Part 23*04

Great information, well written or just an enjoyable read

Colleen Millsteed
3 min readJan 26, 2023


Top left, a book woth a green front cover. Top right, a group of books as stored only a bookshelf. Middle and bottom midfle, open books opened to blank pages. Bottom left, a stack of books. Bottom right, a diary woth a lock and key.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Medium is the host to some amazing writers and we can, if we so choose, read a multitude of different topics, styles and the unique flair that each writer brings to the platform.

Here are a few that outshone in my eyes.

Many writers will have seen the challenge ‘This or That” circulating Medium in the last few weeks. What you may not know, and I wasn’t aware of until recently, but that challenge was created by BJ’s This or That. She did such a fantastic job with this fun challenge and I have included BJ’s article, BJ’s short for Brett Jenae Tomlin, which she has written on the conclusion on the challenge and her own answers to each question.

Thank you BJ, it was terrific fun.

I come across this poem written by Shannon Lee and it explains the need to write perfectly. If I didn't know better I’d swear she was writing from my soul.

Nicely done Shannon.

James Young is a new Medium writer and is finding his way around this platform. He could do with some genuine followers and once you read his poem called ‘Sophie’, I’m sure you won’t mind hitting the follow button.

Jim, this is definitely my favourite piece of yours. Beautifully written and your words help us feel empathy for Sophie’s plight.

An article written by Ann Christine Tabaka, highlights the pain that poets feel from Medium’s…



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