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The cycle of life

Colleen Millsteed
3 min readMay 24, 2024


A baby dinosaur, freshly hatched.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

April — My mother comes into heat,
April — As a aging dinosaur, my mother knows this is her one and only chance,
April — The desperate need she feels for her own offspring; just once,
April — She scouts for a suitable mate,
April — Roams afar,
April — Finally, love at first sight.

April — The build up,
April — The anticipation increases,
April — The deed is done,
April — Impregnation; I begin.

April — Mother discards Father,
April — Searching for the perfect location for a nest,
April — Wandering the barren landscape,
April — Discarding choices,
April — Success!

June — Nesting materials are scouted,
June — Mother frantically gathers all she needs,
June — Nest building with engineered precision,
June — Rebuilt over and over again,
June — Perfection.

July — Nest redesigned,
July — Prey stalked and killed,
July — Prey’s feathers weaved into the nest,
July — Build completed to…



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