Creatively Re-use And Re-cycle

To restore my inner peace

Colleen Millsteed
5 min readJul 20, 2021


Creatively Re-use And Re-cycle. To restore my inner peace. A poem by Colleen Millsteed
Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

I can proudly announce that this piece achieved Top Story status on Vocal Media.

When the stresses in my life start to get too much
I need relief and thats when I get my creative on,
To make something that’s both physical and mental
Either pleasing to the eye or useful to someone.

I begin to look around my environment
To see if there’s anything that can be re-used,
Things that are no longer of use as they are
Or are broken and heading for the refuse.

It’s important to me and I believe to our world
That we make an effort to re-use and re-cycle,
It usually just takes a little creative thinking
So many possibilities with a little effort and trial.

So I will write and explain to you in great detail
A couple of pieces I created to restore my inner peace,
Where possible I have creatively re-used and re-cycled
To gain for myself and the world some pressure release.

Creative example Number One, a quilt for my son
This come about when I quit my job due to burnout,
Which left me with a cupboard full of corporate clothes
And with winter coming, my son would be cold without.

So Day One of being gainfully unemployed has arrived
I was up bright and early, excited to start the day,
My thinking cap was on, I need to plan this out
So here is my creative process that I’d like to convey.

My obsolete corporate clothes are taking up space
When they could be re-cycled and re-used,
I’m strictly opposed to anything going to waste
And my favourite fabrics can be recut and renewed.
Maybe a patchwork quilt of memories interlaced.



Colleen Millsteed

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