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Mark the date : 30 May 2024

Colleen Millsteed
5 min readMay 5, 2024


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My second book has finally received a publication date — 30 May 2024.

Save the date!

I feel this book has taken its own sweet time going through the publishing process when compared to my first book.

On saying that, I have used a different publisher this time around and did find they took a lot longer to complete each step of the process, but it looks like we finally got there.

The title of the book is :

Empathy of Love

The Good, The Bad, The Crazy

This is a book of poems that’ll take you on a wild journey from the ups and downs of love, to the romance and toxicity and everything in between.

The book’s foreword explains this in further detail :

Isn’t love grand?

The butterflies in the tummy, the heart racing, the joy of feeling the love, especially the rewarding sensation of giving and sharing mutual joy, caring and support.

Our world of love captures the wonderful love of a parent for a child, which is awe-inspiring; the preciousness of the love between friends; the sensuality and bond of a life partner; the fleeting



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